It’s Not Complicated, Just Boring

We should have known from Daphne Merkin’s NY Times Sunday magazine cover story last week on Nancy Meyers and her new film “It’s Complicated” not to have high expectations: she never really came out and called it a winner. Still, we were so inspired by Meryl Streep’s recent exclamations about over-fifty sex scenes (“The whole idea that you have to look a certain way and be a certain age to earn love is ridiculous. We love what we love. It doesn’t matter what shape it is. It’s thrilling to see real people on screen”), we got hopeful. And how could we not root for a movie made by that rare species — the female director — that casts a beautiful, successful, funny, desirable middle-aged woman without plastic surgery (another rare species in Hollywood) as the protagonist? And so we found ourselves watching “It’s Complicated” over the long holiday weekend . . . only to be deeply disappointed.

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