L Is for Love Ring

The Oden 2 by LELO

The following is from our very own naughty dictionary, 150 SHADES OF PLAY: A Beginner’s Guide to Kink. Bolded words signify individual entries that appear elsewhere in the A-to-Z section of the book. Anything with a tie icon  indicates an activity or prop mentioned in the Fifty Shades series (symbolic of the famous woven tie Christian Grey uses to restrain Anastasia Steele). The idea being: look up something you’re interested in and, from there, make it a choose-your-own-adventure book by following any bolded words that pique your interest to their own dedicated entry. Or just start at A and don’t stop ‘til you get to Z — or ‘til you’re compelled to try something out with your partner, whichever comes first!:


love rings

A kinder, gentler cock ring intended for couples, often made of soft, giving material (ideally body-safe silicone) with a protrusion (usually one that vibrates) at the top of the ring which lines up with a woman’s clitoris when the man wears it during heterosexual intercourse. Perfect for newbies who may find the leather or metal jobbies a little too hardcore for their tastes. Depending on the model, the stretchy ring will either fit around his penis and behind his balls so that they all sit in front of the accessory, or it will just fit around the base of his shaft, like a little belt. Their intended effect is harder, longer-lasting, and more sensitive erections. Of course, penises are as unique as snowflakes, like Grandma always said, so some men will find that the ring really affects their sensitivity, causing them to climax even sooner, thus overriding the longer-lasting benefit. Others won’t notice much difference at all—but, still, it’s always nice to accessorize. LELO has some tasteful (and waterproof!) rechargeable couples rings: the Tor 2 and the Oden 2 (pictured on the back cover of this book). These sensual rings don’t require the kind of safety reviews the more pain-inducing instruments do, but it wouldn’t hurt you (no pun intended) to read the rules outlined in the cock rings and cock and ball torture entries anyway.

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