Ladies, Do You Enjoy Your PS Spot?

spotphoto by CarbonNYC

Have you even heard of the P.S. Spot? Well, just beneath a woman’s perineum (that short bridge of tissue between the vaginal opening and the anus) is a tightly packed tangle of blood vessels known as the perineal sponge (hence, the P.S.). Like other erectile tissue, this mass fills with blood upon arousal and can be sensitive to massage and pressure via the perineum, via the lower back wall of the vagina (opposite the G-spot), or via the anus. And just because you may have never known it had an actual name, doesn’t mean you haven’t been loving it for years. We’re looking for stories from women (and the guys who love them) who actively or accidentally have enjoyed this spot, who don’t like it at all, or who think it’s just one more unnecessary party trick to try in bed. Write us with your thoughts on the P.S. Spot here (pick “general site feedback”) — or friend us on Facebook and send it to us in a private message there. Anonymity honored. Bonus points if you’re from the UK!