Ladies: We Still Need Your Orgasm Breakthrough Moments!

orgasm_stairsphoto by ellievanhoutte

We’re just finishing up our magazine article on women’s orgasms, and we want to hear a few more stories from you: What happened when you first had an orgasm with a partner, or during intercourse, or with a vibrator…or without a vibrator. Or tell us how you became multi-orgasmic, or how you figured out how to have an orgasm in under 30 seconds! Perhaps it was a book you read, a workshop you took, a new technique you or your partner tried, a new position in yoga class or new exercise at the gym, a new sex toy, a new lube, a new shower nozzle, a new mind-set. Etc. Email your best breakthrough moment (and how it happened) to emlo [at] emandlo.com — or friend us on Facebook and send it to us in a private message there. Anonymity honored. Thanks for sharing! When the article comes out, we’ll be sure to post it — plus our favorite outtakes — here.