Calling All Creatives! LELO’s Search for New Forms of Pleasure!

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Are you as passionate about design as you are about passion? Have you always wanted to invent your own pleasure object? Do you dream at night of wonderful and gorgeous new ways to turn on the world? Then do we have a contest for you! As part of their ten-year anniversary celebration, LELO is launching its first ever pleasure objects design contest.

Here’s the deal: LELO has always prided itself on products that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are erotically pleasing — in other words, toys that please your sense of touch and your sense of sight. But now LELO wants contestants to focus on the other three senses: sound, taste, and smell, using at least one of these senses as a launching point of inspiration. You can submit ideas in two different categories: 1) Fashion Accessories, and 2) Products & Spaces.

Here’s more straight from LELO, with specifics after the video:

Applicants are asked to give a personal interpretation of pleasure that pushes sensory boundaries of all kinds. You should create objects, accessories and experiences to enhance the possibility of pleasure in everyday life. It’s time to make creative use of neglected or overlooked ideas of pleasure – positive design for positive experiences!

In what way can the clothes and accessories we wear become tools for pleasure and entertainment?
What playful and unexpected functions could they incorporate? Make fashion fun and explore new possibilities for pleasure!

Micro-technologies, augmented reality, responsive and smart materials are already changing the ways we interact with objects and spaces. Do something different and think about how interaction can deliver new forms of pleasure.

1. Innovation in delivering pleasure
2. Uniqueness and originality of design
3. Ability to involve multiple senses
4. Functionality

Applications will be accepted until August 1st, 2013, and 5 finalists will have their works exhibited at this year’s London Design Week and showcased on the LELO homepage (and the winner in each category will get a thousand Euros to boot). Check out the official LELO Design Award 2013 website for more details on how to enter the contest.