LELO’s Luna Beads Noir – Very Cool, Very Sexy, Very “Fifty”

This post is sponsored by LELO*

Since the launch of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James last April, the sale of LUNA Beads — LELO’s modern version of the Ben Wa balls that Christian Grey uses on Anastasia Steele — has increased over 400%! LUNA Beads are now regularly appearing as the number one sexual wellness product sold on Amazon in the U.S, and always around the top five. Before April LELO had 40,500 Google searches on average per month for LUNA Beads; in June and July, they saw close to 100,000 Google searches each month!

Thanks to Fifty, there is obviously quite a demand now for new, beautiful, luxurious playthings to help people to live out their Ana & Christian fantasies. Our friends at LELO have answered the call, creating LUNA Beads Noir — a more sleek, sophisticated and sexy version of their original Kegel weights for women (which came in more delicate pastel shades). Perfect for dark nights and dangerous liaisons.

Just like the originals, LUNA Beads Noir offer the following:

  • A combination of pleasure and fitness: discreet sensations that automatically exercise the pelvic floor
  • A sleek design with two weight options: you can mix and match during foreplay or as your own little secret on a night out with your partner
  • Ultra-safe, comfortable and hygienic materials: they’re easy to clean with the smoothest FDA-approved silicone and ABS
  • Unrivaled quality and assurance:  they come in sophisticated packaging with a full 1-year warranty

*By the way, we (Em & Lo) are under no obligation to give LELO products positive reviews. We are happy to have LELO as a sponsor because we believe in their products and use them ourselves. We whole-heartedly give LUNA Beads Noir and their other pleasure objects the Em & Lo stamp of approval!