Let’s End Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…Finally

gay_military_jon_stewartGreat Daily Show bit on repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

So what’s the hold up with repealing the unfair Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy? Why are qualified people still being fired from the military for being openly gay? Perhaps we the people haven’t been loud and proud enough about supporting equal rights for everyone. Fortunately, NY’s junior senator Kirsten Gillibrand has made this one of her big issues and she’s just given us an easy way to help end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. According to her website, she “has secured an agreement from Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, to hold the first Senate hearing on repealing DADT this Fall.” So in order to prepare for the hearing, Gillibrand is launching a nationwide petition — take a second and sign it now!

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