Live Human Birth: You Never Saw This at the County Fair

A few weeks back we found ourselves at a county fair witnessing the live birth of a calf (as one does). It was equal parts fascinating, horrifying and beautiful and reminded us of exactly how animalistic the human birth experience can be (and vice versa). Though where humans get forceps or perhaps a c-section when things get tricky, this poor calf was pulled out with a heavy metal chain tugged on by three burly farmers. The crowd at the fair oohed and aahed with each contraction as if they were at a fireworks display, while a moderator encouraged us all to be as quiet as possible because, you know, the cow didn’t exactly give her permission for us all to be there. We were probably a tad distracting. Well, a Brooklyn performance artist, pregnant Marni Kotak, doesn’t seem to have that concern (then again, performance artists never do, do they?).

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