Feeling bad about accidentally dropping your kid on his head? MyBadParent.com will make you feel better immediately. It’s a collection of kid and parent images (culled from various Internet sites as well as submissions) that you won‘t see in Parenting Magazine, ranging from the choreographed-for-a-laugh to someone-call-Social-Services-immediately. It’s like if FAILblog had a baby — and that baby was still in its infancy: MyBadParent has only been around for a few months; it can’t allow comments yet; it can’t spell very well; and it’s still figuring out how to tell a joke. But there are enough crazy-ass examples of bad parenting to forgive the site’s early development. (Though you might not be able to forgive yourself for laughing at innocent children who have no choice in becoming humiliating Internet memes.) MyBadParent‘s 22-year-old, NYC-based founder Troy doesn’t have any kids of his own, but he told us the site has already taught him how not to be a parent. (Wonder if that includes not wasting time reading Tosh.0-esque blogs while your baby is crying in the other room? Gotta go!)

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