Naked News (05-19-09)

beerphoto by epicbeer

  • New polls from Pew and Gallup seem to show that the anti-abortion camp is gaining support. Fortunately, the good folks at stat site FiveThirtyEight.com explain the so-called “shift” (for example, in the Bush era, people feared their rights would be taken away from them, but now that Obama is in town, they are constantly being told they have the most pro-abortion president in history). Still, not exactly good news in our book.
  • A new MTV reality show strips teen girls in front of a live audience then drops them down a chute if they dress badly. We guess they’re just teaching them how things work in the real world, but still, we’re going to file this under parenting FAIL. (Oh yeah, and last year, MTV announced that its upcoming programming would be “aspirational, enterprising and empowering.” So, also: campaign promise FAIL.)

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