New Web Series: “Swipe Click Bang”

The new web series from director Michael Sasso called “Swipe Click Bang” is about the mating habits of Millennials in the age of Tinder. Each webisode focuses on one couple who’ve just met through a hookup app and are either about to do it, are doing it, and/or just did it. According to Sasso, the show is an official selection at the HollyWeb and LA Webfest festivals and is nominated for 4 awards, including Outstanding Series.

Swipe Click Bang” is pretty safe for work, at least in terms of nudity (there is none). And, with only six episodes less than 7 minutes each, the show already feels incredibly inclusive: There are gay couples (both male and female), interracial couples, and some average body types. Topics covered include safer sex, body insecurity, casual sex etiquette, virginity, and the potential dangers around meeting strangers. Some moments are funny, some are painful, some are awkward, and some are painfully awkward — just like real sex. We didn’t have high hopes — the production values are pretty modest — but thanks to the clever writing (“talons”!) and decent acting (save maybe for #3), we got sucked in and happily watched all five. Below, you can too. (Short on time? Check out #2 and #6.)