No sex? Deal-breaker. No turkey together? That’s okay, says New York court.

gavel_421photo by walknboston

We hope that you’re sitting down to enjoy turkey (or tofurkey) with a loved one today. But if your loved one refuses to partake in the holiday celebration, we thought you should know that — acccording to a New York court, at least — that’s not as bad as refusing to partake in sex. Okay, that sounds fair enough, you might be thinking: turkey and sex — not exactly a fair trade. But what if your partner refused to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, your birthday, and Thanksgiving? What if they refused to eat dinner with you ever? What if they wouldn’t even be your date for a trip to the E.R.? Yeah, now that sounds as bad as withholding sex, right? Worse, even? Except that it doesn’t officially qualify as “abandonment” in the eyes of New York law. Nope — to do that, you have to refuse to have sex with your partner for a full year. So spare a thought for Mrs. Davis — of Davis vs. Davis, natch — this Thanksgiving. After 41 years of marriage, she still doesn’t have a date for the holiday. Here’s hoping that all of you get turkey and a good stuffing this year.

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