Perez Hilton Says Something Smart

We never thought we’d say this, but Perez Hilton has a point. We’re usually not fans, but he’s got a good bit on the importance of coming out on the fabulous site Big Think, which interviews hundreds of experts, from hedge-fund managers to neuroscientists, to help us plebs make better decisions and form more erudite opinions (well that, and to give us excellent cocktail party conversation fodder). Maybe because the clip is only a few minutes long, he doesn’t have time to annoy us or say anything stupid, but with a gem like this we can (almost) forgive all those juvenile doodles of errant ejaculation on celebrity photos:

It would be infinitely better for the community if Anderson Cooper came out, if Kevin Spacey came out, if Jodie Foster came out.  Why?  Because visibility is key.  The more straight people see that there are gay folks out there, the easier it is for us to achieve change, the easier it will be for us to get marriage equality, the harder it is for people to hate.