Purple Is the New Green


Tantus has always been one of our favorite sex toy manufacturers. They’re a small company with a big vision: make quality toys actually meant for use (i.e. not novelties) that are safe for your bod. (Get the whole spiel in the informational video on every product page, if you can stand that nice woman’s unfortunate voice). Continuing with that tradition, they’ve come out with a new line of products that are also safe for your planet: Alumina. All four toys in the series (pictured above and priced from $70 to $90) are double-ended and non-vibrating. The Pace is designed for your tush, the Flow is good for Kegels, and Revolve can target your G-spot — but they’re all made of  interchangeable parts to mix and match with each other. We’re so confident in Tantus’ corporate integrity (read: lazy), that we’re just going to list their PR points for Alumina verbatim:

  • Safe for the Body: 100% aeronautic grade anodized aluminum
  • Renewable Material: Aluminum is abundant, recyclable and safe
  • Holds Temperature Well: Go quickly from hot to cold and back again
  • Interchangeable Segments: All parts can be mixed & matched
  • Lasts a Lifetime: Meant to be used & needs minimal care
  • Handcrafted in the USA: Proudly made using green manufacturing processes