See Who Won the “UnDesign” Awards!

Here are the winners of LELO’s “UnDesign Award,” which asked designers in three categories to replace connectivity with genuine connection:

1. Fashion & Accessories Winner

Title: “Toque”

Designer: Aline Darc Piculo dos Santos

What: Lingerie with a micro sensor of touch that lights up when someone touches it.

About: “Nowadays, everyone is busy…” READ MORE


2. Graphic, Illustration & Painting Winner

Title: “Helios”

Designer: Ana D’Apuzzo

What:  A series of paintings dedicated to the Sun, “celebrating its Energy, Love and Life and its connection with a humans and nature.”

About: “I experienced the bad side of life…” READ MORE


3. Technology, Products and Spaces Winner

Title: “The City Lung”

Designer: Floriane Aubrit, Dan Baczynski, Paul Bouisset, Corentin Fabry

What:  A “living” object that represents the air pollution index of different cities around the world.

About: “The aim of our object is to gather people…” READ MORE