Set Design for Kink.com’s Pornos

Now this is the kind of porn we can really get into: design porn. Literally, cool set design for pornos. California Home + Design went behind the scenes at Kink.com’s studios to take a look at some of their fabricated sets with Christopher Gaw, the head of the design department for the Internet pornography company. He used to create models and sets for movies such as Star Wars and the Matrix but now uses his fine arts degree to build interrogation rooms, spaceship interiors, mock class rooms — all based on a single design principle: CYFOI (can you fuck on it?).

For instance, tables are built 29.5 inches high — the perfect height to lift someone up and onto. Surfaces tend to be vinyl, leather or tiled for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Wall art also tends to be suggestive, with nude paintings and abstract scenes of a sexual nature. Of course, you can recreate this look in your own home if you so desire. Just visit www.bumblejax.com for a wide range of wall art to hang on your walls. Additionally, why not spice things up in your bedroom and take some tasteful nudes with your partner and get them printed onto a canvas? Maybe don’t go as far as installing any 29.5 inch surfaces though – they’re not particularly practical.

The best thing about this story? No cheesy naked people getting in the way of scenes! You can just appreciate the pure, raw, hardcore design, which in itself is beautiful!


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