Sundance Film Festival’s Top 10 Lessons in Love

The movies are a great place to learn about life, including your love life. Let the characters in these ten Sundance Festival films make the big dating and mating mistakes so you don’t have to:

  1. Once: Sometimes the best love affairs are the ones you never have (i.e. the fantasy is often better than the reality).
  2. The Tao of Steve: In order to be successful with women, be desireless, be excellent, be gone.
  3. Garden State: Be aware that your prescription meds may be inhibiting your ability to fall in love (or at least your desire to have sex).
  4. In the Company of Men: Never trust a guy who says “Never trust anything that can bleed for a week and not die.” Be wary of men named Chad. And whatever you do, don’t date anyone who resembles Aaron Eckhart (see also “Towelhead”).
  5. (500) Days of Summer: If someone tells you they don’t want anything serious and you do, DO NOT LIE and say you are cool with that. Little lamb, this will only lead to heartbreak.

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