Survey Shows Philly Residents Do It the Least, Enjoy It the Most

We’re often asked what’s “normal” when it comes to sex frequency, and we always decline to answer — we hate to use the word “normal” when it comes to sex, period. That’s something that you’ve got to figure out on your own time, and we refuse to judge you (unless you like to do it while listening to Mariah Carey). But if you’d like to know what the average American is doing — at least, according to Trojan, and we admit that it might be in their interest to exaggerate our sexual activity to get us keeping up with the Joneses — then a new survey will enlighten you. It’s the Trojan 2010 U.S. Sex Census.

So here’s normal — or, at least, average — according to Trojan’s survey: The average American (18 and over) has sex 120 times a year (2.3 times per week), and 76% report being sexually satisfied. Yet 63% still wish they were having sex more frequently. If you’d like to feel geographically superior (or inferior), residents of L.A. and Houston do it the most often (135 times and 125 times a year, respectively) and residents of Philadelphia and Dallas do it the least, 99 and 104 times each. But it’s not all bad news in Philly: residents of the city of brotherly love report an 82% rate of sexual satisfaction, following by NYC  (81% satisfied) and Atlanta (80% satisfied). The lowest satisfaction rates were in San Francisco (70% satisfied), Boston (73% satisfied), L.A. (75% satisfied) and Chicago (75% satisfied).

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