Tell Obama to Overturn Bush's Unconstitutional "Conscience" Rule

Planned Parenthood’s president speaks out about speaking out.

The tides are definitely turning. Earlier this year President Obama overturned Bush’s Global Gag Rule which denied funding to any international family planning organizations that provided responsible abortion information and/or services (a rule that ironically and tragically led to more abortions). And just this week, Obama lifted dark-age restrictions on stem cell research and Congress (finally!) passed legislation to restore access to affordable birth control to millions of women. (According to Planned Parenthood, “it had been two years since a legislative error made birth control prices skyrocket by as much as 900 percent.”) But these recent victories don’t mean we can sit back, relax and let Obama and the Democratic Congress do all the work.

The other day the President began taking steps toward overturning Bush’s last-minute policy — the so-called “conscience rule” — which pretty much allows any healthcare worker or institution to deny patients information about — as well as access to — legal healthcare services (even stuff like birth control and HIV testing) based on personal biases (i.e. “God told me, your pharmacist, not to give you The Pill”). But Obama has to allow some time for the public to comment on his plans, which means it’s time to speak up! We all have less than a month to make sure Obama knows Bush’s BS has got to be overturned. Take a sec and add your name to the list of people who want Obama to continue protecting and supporting reproductive rights.