The Ancient Book of Sex and Science

ancientartofsexandscienceWhen you, as an adult, spend the majority of your time creating adorable G-rated worlds for kids, that hidden sexual side of you is bound to come out — and probably, shall we say, enthusiastically. (Anyone remember the movie S.O.B. in which squeaky clean Julie “Mary Poppins” Andrews rips off her top and exposes her boobies? No? Good. It’s scarring.) Well, in their spare time, four Pixar animators have been working on a series of cool art books, the second and most recent of which is “The Ancient Book of Sex and Science” (the first was the now sold-out “Ancient Book of War and Myth“). It’s got some highly stylized, retro-looking, kooky and quirky artwork on nookie and nerds, with text from each of the artists across from their respective works that gives insight into each piece (the text from Nate Wragg below accompanies his creation above). Check out Nerve’s sneak peak and interview with Scott Morse, another one of the four Pixar guys, as well as Gallery Nucleus’s gallery of original art from the book (some of which, as far as we can tell, is still available for sale at pretty reasonable rates).


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