The LELO Holiday Gift Guide for Couples

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Beautiful, elegant pleasure objects for couples, made with high quality materials and the latest technology, make the perfect holiday gift for a partner — they say “I love you, you’re sexy, and we’re worth it!” After all, it’s the gift that you both get something out of: more pleasure, more sensation, more sexy-time fun! Below are LELO’s Top 4 Couple’s Toys:

1. IDA

IDA is the world’s first ever couple’s massager that vibrates for external pleasure AND rotates for internal pleasure. It’s worn by the woman; controlled by either partner with the handheld remote; and enjoyed by both, of course!

2. HULA Beads

You know the pleasure beads made famous by Fifty Shades? These are 100 times better! Hula Beads combine rotations AND vibrations for the first time ever. Like the IDA,  you or your partner can control the “spin from within” with the remote.

3. TOR 2

This is LELO’s elegant take on the vibrating couple’s ring. The TOR 2, worn by the man, can extend his presence, while increasing both partner’s pleasure with powerful, near-silent vibrations targeted at the clitoris. It’s their couple’s massager that started it all!


4. LYLA 2

LELO’s remote-control technology is at it again. With the LYLA 2 pleasure egg you can hand the controls over to your partner — and it will work from 108 feet away! Which gives new meaning to making eyes across a crowded room. (Also great for intimate at-home parties of two.)

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