The Most Audacious Quotes from Trump As His Own Sexual Prowess Publicist

In 1991, a People magazine reporter interviewed Donald Drumpf’s supposed publicist “John Miller” to discuss his divorce from Ivana, his rebound relationship with Marla Maples, and all the attention he receives from hot female celebrities. Turns out it was actually Drumpf himself posing as his publicist — there’s no denying the Queens accent, the braggadocian style, the verbal tics. Soon after the call, Drumpf admitted it was a joke gone awry, but when the Washington Post ran the recovered audio of that interview on May , 2016, Drumpf the presidential candidate denied it was him! Below are the most outrageous highlights from the original interview:



On his dating options:

He’s somebody that has a lot of options, and, frankly, he gets called by everybody. He gets called by everybody in the book, in terms of women….I mean, they call. They just call. Actresses, people that you write about just call to see if they can go out with him and things.

On Madonna allegedly hitting on him:

Well, she called and wanted to go out with him, that I can tell you.

On buying Marla Maples a ring that wasn’t an engagement ring (even though she thought it was):

This was a way of giving Tiffany [Drumpf Tower’s neighbor] some business in addition to getting Ivan — geting Marla something that would be nice.

On whether there’s any fear that Maples will spill everything about their relationship to the press:

It doesn’t matter to him. He truly doesn’t care.

On pre-nups:

[T]here’s no way he gets married without a prenuptial agreement. You understand that. It was painful but worked in the Ivana case because, you know, while it was challenged, it still ended up being upheld and worked. And frankly, she got not exactly one penny, she didn’t get one penny more than what the agreement called for. So that’s that.

On Marla & marriage:

I can tell you there was never any talk of marriage from Donald’s point of view. I can also say that Marla would’ve liked to get married, obviously, but it was just something he didn’t want to do. It’s just too soon….Off the record, he probably felt Marla wasn’t the right one… [He married her two years later.]

On Ivana telling Barbara Walters she didn’t want to reconcile:

What is she going to say? She’s going to say when he’s with somebody else and had other people lined up, is she going to say, “Yes, I want to get back. I want to get back.” You know, she’s a pretty savvy woman and she’s not going to say — I mean, he’s living with Marla and he’s got three other girlfriends, and then, and she’s not going to say, I really want to get back, you know? She wants to get back, she’s told it to a lot of her friends and she’s told it to him, but it’s so highly unlikely. That’s off the record. He left. I mean, it was his choice to leave and he left.

On not leaving one woman for another:

[Carla Bruni]’s a very successful model, etc., etc. But again, he didn’t leave Marla for her….he does things for himself. He leaves for himself, he does things for himself. He, when he makes the decision, that will be a very lucky woman. But he’s not going to do that until he makes the decision.

On Carla Bruni:

Carla is a very beautiful girl from Italy whose father is one of the wealthiest men in Europe….Eric Clapton introduced her to Mick Jagger, and then Mick Jagger started calling her, and she ended up going with Mick Jagger. And then she dropped Mick Jagger for Donald, and that’s where it is right now. And again, he’s not making any commitments to Carla either just so you understand.

On marriage:

When he meets the right woman, it’s going to be a great relationship and it’s going to be a very, you know, because he believes strongly in the marriage concept. In all fairness, he was married for 12 years and he was happily married for 12, you know, for many of those years, I guess, and he believes in it, especially in this society today, I can tell you. But he believes in it. [Drumpf is on his third marriage.]

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