The Naughty and Nice Issue

‘Tis the season to be sexy. So brush up on your sex etiquette for the holidays with our best festive advice below. This of course includes buying everyone you know our book 150 SHADES OF PLAY, now at a special holiday price of under ten bucks for the first time ever, so you can give everyone a Merry Kinkmas!

What’s the Worst Holiday Present You Ever Received from a Partner?
Can you top reader H? They received an autographed photograph of Garth Brooks… and they’re not even a fan!

Rules for Surviving Your In-Laws This Holiday Season
Take long walks with your partner, let it go if you don’t get to share a bedroom, and much more!

How to Navigate the Crappy Holidays Alone
On counting your blessings and not impulse-shopping for a partner.

What’s a Good Holiday Present for a Man?
Bourbon, blowjobs, and gadgets, oh my! And check out how some of our other Wise Guys answered the question here and then here.

Your Call: Should She Dump Him Before or After Xmas?
Is it heartless to dump someone days before Christmas — or is prolonging the inevitable patronizing and worse?

What Is the Etiquette of Saucy Holiday Gifting?
At what point in a relationship is it acceptable to give a sex-related gift?

Wise Guys: Is a Striptease a Good Last-Minute Gift?
Should you unwrap yourself for your man this holiday season? (If you intend to, here’s how.)

Can I Give a Sex Toy as a Present?
Yes, but… it can’t be just any sex toy.

Wise Guys: Is a Saucy Love Ring a Good Gift for a Dude?
It is a kind of gadget, after all…

LELO’s Pleasure Sets: For Someone Who’s Been Naughty AND Nice
If you’ve met each other’s parents, then we think you’re ready to up the naughty factor a little…

Oops! I Slept with a Co-Worker at the Office Holiday Party!
Because not every kiss under the office mistletoe ends with a Jim-and-Pam-style happy ending.

How Not to Regret Your Holiday Office Party in 4 Easy Steps
Navigating the open bar, the micro-mini dress, and that dreaded Xerox machine.

The 12 Days of Kinkmas

Everybody sing: 3 fetish masks, 2 latex gloves, and a house slave in a gimp suit!

Em & Lo’s Sexy Holiday Gift Guide: $10 Edition

Extremely affordable gifts for every adult on your holiday list (not just sex toys!).

Em & Lo’s Sexy Holiday Gift Guide: $20 Edition

Not just sex toys! Meaning, you’ll find very affordable ideas for every adult on your list.

Em & Lo’s Sexy Holiday Gift Guide: $50 Edition

Give a little more thoughtfully to the adults on your holiday gift list.

Em & Lo’s Sexy Holiday Gift Guide: $100 Edition

And by “sexy” we mean, sure to please every adult on your gift list.

Em & Lo’s Sexy Holiday Gift Guide: Big Spender Edition

Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you a pretty ‘effing awesome gift.

150 Shades of Play Is On Sale!!!
Have yourself a merry little kinkmas with this book… the perfect gift for your best friend/partner/sister-in-law/White Elephant party. Now on sale for less than ten bucks!