The Softer (and Harder) Sides of Disney’s Heroes, by David Kawena

david_kawena_aladdin Aladdin from the “Disney Hereos” series by David Kawena

Wow. Have you seen these? Especially all you people out there who are into dudes? They’re David Kawena’s digital art series “Disney’s Heroes” — the once-G-rated male leads of the Magic Kingdom re-imagined with a lot fewer clothes. So naughty, yet still kinda sweet. He’s done recent live action heroes like Zac Efron in High School Musical and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean, but the best are his realistic renderings of Disney’s 2D animated characters like Aladdin and Hercules. (Become a free member of DeviantArt.com to see his full official gallery with all the naughty princes and their peens, or just Google him to see the blogs who’ve swiped most the pics.)

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