The Threeway Issue

Confession: 8 Rules for the Third Wheel in a Threeway
And you thought the couple had it hard!


Top 10 Tangled Love Triangles in Film
The tangled love triangle is such a cinematic trope that we could probably put together a list for every year. Here, we just pick the best ever.


Poll: Have You Ever Had a Threesome?
The results may surprise you.


Dream Interpretation: I Keep Dreaming About a Threeway
Why these dreams seem to be bumming her out, we have no idea.


Wise Guys: What’s the Big Deal with Threeways?
Is the FFM threeway really the holy grail for straight guys? If so, why? And if it’s not, why do so many people assume it is?


Dear Em & Lo: My BF Wants to Watch Me Have Sex with Another Man
We advise one couple on dipping their toes into the open relationship pool.


Your Call: Can a Marriage Survive a Consensual Third Party?
If he’s not satisfying her, should they bring in a pinch hitter?


Poll: What Do You Think About a Girl with Two Guys?
Automatically a little bit gay? Vote and see the results so far.


Wise Guys: How Can I Have a MMF Threeway?
There is hope, however slim!


Do It Tonight! Have a Pretend Threeway
Oftentimes, the fantasy is much better than the reality.