The Valentine’s Day Issue

The Best Valentine’s Day Present Ever!
The top 10 reasons why our new book 150 Shades of Play
makes the best Valentine’s Day present ever!


10 Easy Ways to Be More Romantic
Romance is contagious. So the best way to get your partner to
be more romantic is to be more romantic with them first.


How to Write a Love List
It’s kinda like Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet #43:
How do you love your partner? Count the ways!


Wise Guys: Does Valentine’s Day Have Any Appeal to Men?
Three of our guys give you the cold, hard truth.


What Do Men Really Think About Valentine’s Day?
These three Wise Guys have a kinder, gentler answer.


Valentine’s Day Cards That Don’t Suck
Someecards: “Sorry the only ring you’re wearing this
Valentine’s Day is a contraceptive in your vagina”


What’s the Best Gift for a Man?
Three of our Wise Guys give you some good ideas.


What’s a Good Valentine’s Day Present for a Guy? Part 2
Some more suggestions from other Wise Guys.


The Science/Poetry of Kissing
Are we the only species that kisses?


How to Treat Her on Valentine’s Day
Some good advice from an Em & Lo reader.


Your Call: What Should He Do for Valentine’s Day?
If you’re in a new relationship, our readers might inspire you.


Poll: What Do You Think of Valentine’s Day?
Tell us how you really feel.


How Can You Get Him to Be More Romantic?
Our Wise Guys enlighten.


Top 10 Classic Rom Coms
We defy you not to watch and enjoy these movies with
your honey-bunny when they come on TNT on Sundays.


Top 10 Alternative Rom Coms
A.k.a. Chick flicks guys dig.


Top 10 Overlooked Rom Coms
Lesser known romantic comedies that never became classics, cult
or otherwise, but that nevertheless deserve our attention and affection.


Top 10 Old School Rom Coms
These are the ones you feel like you should get around
to Netflixing at some point, but often don’t.


Top 10 Overrated Rom Coms
The movies on this list all break the cardinal rule of
rom coms: the protagonists must actually be likable.


The Worst Rom Coms Ever
Must Love Dogs? Must Hate Dumb Movies.


The 7 Worst Rom Com Actors of All Time
Put down the rom com script and back away!


The Best Naughty Valentine’s Gift Sets
Get just the right kit for your kind of cutie.


150 Shades of Play
The only Valentine’s Day present you’ll ever need to give.