The World Needs More Male Nudes

kristen_cophamphoto by E.M. for the Examiner.com

The Examiner just reminded us of that Guerilla Girls ad: “Less than 3% of the artists in the Modern Art sections [of the Metropolitan Museum in NY] are women, but 83% of the nudes are female.” They brought it up in a profile of Lower East Side-based artist Kristen Copham, since she’s working on a series of male nudes — specifically naked portraits of guy artists who use models in their own work, in an effort to 1) give those dudes a taste of their own medicine, and 2) help even the playing field of undressed subjects. Check out her work, including some of these nudes, at NY Studio Gallery, which she is the founder and director of. (The super fast portraits she does are pretty cool, too.)

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