Top 6 Toys I Fantasize About

Our contributor Jewely Hoxie studies Human Sexuality at the University of California Santa Cruz (read her blog here). She has this to say about the sex toys she wishes were a part of her collection…

1. Whipsmart’s Pleasure Swing
A sex swing sounds like a combination of two of the greatest pleasures in life: playing on the swings and playing with your partner. A full-body, couples’ sex toy seems like a fantastic place to begin opening up to more possibilities for sex.





2. Cobra Libre
I know what you’re thinking, it’s a sex toy for men, but just look at it! It is so sleek and powerful. If I could be a man for one day, this is definitely one of the many things I would experiment with that day. But even as a women with a little bit of imagination, I could figure out how to make this toy just as enjoyable.


3. Knead Me Massage Stones and Candle from Jimmyjane
I’ve often heard that smell is the best aphrodisiac out of all our senses, which is why perfume and deodorant are always advertised in such a sexual manner. I also think that the massage part of a couples’ spa retreat is almost universally known as the pre-jump-my-bones part of the spa retreat. This combo has it all.


4. We-Vibe III
I’ve tried multiple cock rings to get that vibrating stimulation I love so much while I’m with my partner, but the We-Vibe has a whole new take on that sensation. The internal and external stimulation makes it the dual rabbit vibrator of the couples’ sex toy world.



5. Lelo’s Lyla 2 Vibrator with SenseMotion Technology
The trailer (see above) was enough to show me that my ultimate sex fantasy is to have my partner surprise me with orgasms while we have a dance party together. (Read more about Lelo’s SenseMotion technology here.)


6. Jimmyjane’s Eternity
It’s a 24K gold vibrator with 28 round-cut diamonds around it. I’m not much for jewelry — but on a vibrator? That is what I call a girl’s best friend. I don’t know how you could not get off from something that luxe.