Video: Let’s Get Physical

We’re not sure which is more disturbing: this video, or the 1,396 (and counting) comments that make us fear for the future of sex (and humanity), including such gems as:

It’s like my penis! Save your money ladies you can get lean toned(lol) arms for free! You’ll be slapping away that arm flab in no time! You’re gonna love my nuts so message me for more info/meeting arrangements. Order now(cause I can’t do this all day) and I’ll tone your glutes and jaw for free!

shes jackin it off

I fukken LOLed

They may as well just give handjobs

i have a better idea for how she could build up some arm muscle…

Doing it like that, she’ll get visible results in way less than 6 minutes.

WOW!! where is the unrated version of this!! where the girls are naked!! lol!!! wow!! was this suppose to give guys a work out too while watching it??? cuz im sweating here

Mmmm. Thay can shake my weight :P. and god PLEASE brake out the tank tops 😀

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