Wanna Ask Us a Personal Question?

photo by psd

We’re doing an online interview over the next few days on EdenFantasys.com. We’ve already answered a bunch of questions (“What’s your favorite sexual aspect to write about?”, “What’s the difference between writing for books/mags and writing for TV?”, “What are your don’t-go-there topics?”), and will be fielding more through the end of the week, so if you’ve ever wondered if we  have tickle fights in our nighties, you can just ask! Here’s an excerpt of the Q&A:

Q: On your website, you say y’all have only had one fight. Tell! What did you fight about and how to you prevent fighting on a regular basis, as so many of us are prone to doing with those closest to us?

Lo: I will tell this one, since Em always gets the details wrong. During our cross country tour for our first book, The Big Bang (in which we drove by ourselves to 15 cities in 5 weeks in a Ford Taurus that we called the Clitaurus), we had to get ourselves to a radio station outside of San Francisco early one morning and brave the crazy fast rush hour traffic while not knowing exactly where we were going (no GPS at that time!). Em was on the phone with the radio station trying to get directions (she’ll tell you she was actually doing the interview live over the phone, but that wasn’t the case), so I was telling her to tell the person on the phone some details about where I thought we were and that made it hard for Emma to hear the person on the phone (I’m sure it was annoying). So in order to get me to shut up she hit me…hard…on the arm…while I’m driving! In the sternest voice I’ve ever used with her, I told her “Don’t. You. Ever. Hit. Me. Again!” We didn’t speak all the way to the radio station and then we had to do the interview on the air pretending to be all buddy buddy while I was absolutely fuming.

Despite Em’s lack of restraint in that one instance, she actually shows a lot of emotional restraint consistently — it must be a British thing. She’s very level headed and calm and not reactionary at all — which rubs off on me and helps keep our relationship very respectful.

Em: Well, I was going to tell my side of it, but then Lo went and said all those nice things about me and now it would feel churlish to do so! Plus, my guy and Lo will both tell you that I have a TERRIBLE memory, so even though I feel sure that I was doing a live radio interview at the time (with a different radio station, not the one we were driving to), there is a distinct possibility that I am misremembering. Either way, it still makes me laugh when I think about how hard we faked our niceness to each other during that radio interview.

Q: Is there room in that bubble bath for me? I could totally do with a relaxing soak!

You SO did not want to be in that bathtub — the shoot took forever, the water was cold by the end, and the bubbles kept disappearing so every five minutes the photographer’s assistants would use a kitchen whisk to try to whip up more bubbles. Not nearly as relaxing as it looks, in other words…

I’ve heard quite a bit about Prop. 8, and I think people should be able to love and marry who they wish, male or female! I have quite a few gay/lesbian/bi friends who feel VERY strongly on this, as well as straight friends who hope for the best out come. What is your take on this subject?

We’re with you! We’re confident gay marriage is just one of those things that will eventually be legal, that people will look back on flabbergasted and say “How could that have ever been illegal?!? We’re talking about human beings, consenting adults, in love here!!! Why was that ever seen as a problem??!?!” It’s just not an issue for the majority of young people today. But that doesn’t mean we can just sit back and wait. We’ve got to be vocal — in our communities, to our elected representatives — about ending “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and legalizing gay marriage. We’re reminded of that awesome 5th grader in the news last November who refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance because he didn’t think there was liberty and justice for all. He told CNN “Gays and lesbians can’t marry. There’s still a lot of racism and sexism in the world.” Love that kid!

What is the weirdest reaction you’ve ever gotten when telling someone what you girls do for a living?

Em: I’ll answer this question seeing as I absolutely have the weirdest story along those lines: One night I was in a bar and was telling this guy what I did for a living. Unfortunately it’s not nearly as good of a pickup line as we once hoped it would be, but anyway, apparently this guy thought it was really cool. Later in the evening, as I was standing in line for the unisex bathroom (in a dark hallway at the back of the bar), he came up to me, unzipping his pants as he walked, saying, “I’ve always thought that I was smaller than average. I was wondering if you could take a look and give me your professional opinion…” I’m not sure whether he was seriously concerned or just thought that would be a good pickup line — I didn’t wait around to find out. As I was running away, he chased after me, yelling, “But you’re a professional!”

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