What Every Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

A room of one’s own…specifically, a hotel room…in which to masturbate. That’s the message of the funny music video by The Pump and Dump, called “Hotel Room“:

While watching the video, we realized the singer’s voice sounded familiar…and then it hit us: “Walk of Shame“! — another funny music video we highlighted on this site years ago by comedian Shayna Ferm (much lower production values, but hey, it was only 2008):

Back then, she was backed by “the Upper Deckers.” Now, two kids later (not unlike yours truly), she’s joined forces with “MC Doula” to create The Pump and Dump Show, “a raucous evening of comedy, inappropriate music, prizes, drinking, swearing and commiseration in Denver, Colorado…sure to make you laugh your c-section scar open” every month.

Sometimes they take their show on the road. We just want to know when they’re coming to the Hudson Valley!