What Is the G-Spot?


This is part of our series on Top Body “Spots” that any self-respecting, shall we say, “anatomy enthusiast” should be familiar with. Even if this is old news to you, it’s always a good idea to brush up:

The G-Spot

a.k.a: The Grafenberg Spot

The G-spot is the area of the urethral sponge (or female prostate) that can be felt and stimulated through the top wall of the vagina by inserting a finger, fingers, penis or sex toy a few inches inside and pressing up toward the navel or the back of the pubic bone.

Let’s back up a bit: the female prostate is the spongy erectile tissue surrounding the length of the urethra that consists of glands, known as paraurethral glands, which produce an alkaline fluid similar to that produced by the male prostate (more on this below). The embryonic tissue that develops into the prostate gland in male fetuses is the same tissue that develops into the urethral sponge in female fetuses.

To hit it, have her lie on her back (she can pull her knees up or place a pillow under her bum for better access), and insert one or two fingers about two inches in and up, as if you were aiming behind her pubic bone. You’re feeling for a rough, ridged area on the front or upper wall of the vagina, about the size of a stretched-out coin, that’s less smooth than the other walls of the vagina. Remember, the G-spot actually sits behind this wall. Since you’ll be pressing on the urethra (and in the vicinity of the bladder), it’s only natural that she might feel like she has to wee when you do this. If she urinates first, then she’ll know she can ignore this feeling and you can keep on G-spotting. Once there, curve your fingers in a “come hither” gesture and massage the area firmly and steadily.

Some women find this sensation downright uncomfortable and can’t get past the resulting “urge to purge”. But others actually require this kind of stimulation for orgasm, or even ejaculate as a result of it. If she should fall into this last category, here’s what’s happening (and it’s a good thing, by the way): Upon arousal, the glands and ducts embedded in the urethral sponge fill with fluid (not urine) which may be expelled through the urethra and the paraurethral ducts during stimulation or orgasm or when she contracts her pelvic floor muscles – in other words, ejaculation could occur before, during, or after orgasm. Some women may spurt, some may release a flood of fluid, and some may emit just a few drops of ejaculate, making it almost impossible to detect. Along with being a fun two-person party trick, it’s another kind of pleasure for her, but not one that should be pursued like the holy grail. The fountain-like squirting you see in porn is not universally attainable – and in some cases, may not even be real, if you ask us.

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