What to Do If You Bump Into Tom Hanks

According to scientific research, at least 17% of you, our dear readers, still harbor a sex fantasy based on Elizabeth Perkins’ not-quite pedophilic crush in Big, and 11% of you occasionally indulge in a mermaid-related Splash fantasy. Also, 3% of you have a fantasy based on the Forrest Gump premature ejaculation scene. And let’s not even get started on “Woody.”

So, what would you do if you actually met Tom Hanks? Sure, it may never happen, but wouldn’t you rather be ready, just in case? Enter the hilarious short video Tom Hanks Fan Academy. It’s directed by our pal Valerie Weiss (who made the great film Losing Control that we wrote about last year) and stars another friend of ours, Ben Weber, who bears a striking (okay, more than passing) resemblance to Tom Hanks. (The hilarious Matt Olsen co-wrote the video and also appears in it.)

Enroll in the THFA today! Just maybe keep that Forrest Gump fantasy to yourself.