What Would You Give Up For the Internet?

photo via flickr

A recent survey by the Boston Consulting Group asked people in the U.S. which key lifestyle habits they would be willing to give up instead of the Internet for a year. 73% would give up alcohol; 69% would give up coffee (we love how close those two figures are!); 77% would give up chocolate (really? 23% need chocolate more than they need the internet?!); 10% would give up their car; and 7% would stop showering (we’re guessing those 7% are all college guys).

But here’s the number that jumped out at us: 21% said they’d sacrifice sex for the internet. The first time we read this figure we found it depressing — just the fact that there are people out there who think this way. But then we re-read it and thought: 79% of people in the U.S. think sex is more important that the internet. And that’s kind of awesome. When you think of all the online porn, all the LOL cat videos, all the Facebooking, the Tweeting, the Tumblring, the emailing, the chain-letter-forwarding, the online dating, the Netflixing, the Amazon-ing, the blogging about your kid’s first poop on the potty — add up all of that and more, and it’s still not as compelling as a roll in the hay for most people. We think that’s something to celebrate.

So… what would you give up for the Internet? What would you give up in a heartbeat — and what would you never, ever give up?

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