Dear Dr. Kate, Is the Term "Loose Women" Literal?

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Dear Dr. Kate,

Is a large clitoris an indicator that she’s been sexual active many times in the past? Is it true or false that the more partners a woman has the looser her vagina is? Would a female porn star feel loser since she has been with many men with large penises?

— Fact or Fiction

Dear FoF,

Men have been examining women’s bodies for centuries, looking for evidence of loss of her virginity or infidelity. There is NO sign that you can find on your partner’s body that gives a clue to her sexual history (apart from maybe an intact hymen or a c/section scar). A woman’s clitoris is genetically determined, like her eye color and foot size. There’s no relationship between the size of her clit and the number of notches on her belt. Similarly, the degree of her vaginal tone has NO relationship with how many relationships she’s had. Some women retain fantastic vaginal tone even after multiple children, and some experience definite loosening with age, even without sex or kids. Again, it comes down to genetics (and Kegel exercises). And since the vagina was built to withstand the diameter of an 8-pound baby, there’s not a penis in the world big enough to stretch the vaginal muscles on its own, no matter how many well-endowed partners a woman has had.

— Dr. Kate

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