Why Articles About Sex Always Use Photos with Bare Feet

Getty Image from Telegraph UK article

While doing a little internet research, our intern Alyssa came across this article from the Telegraph UK entitled “Average Man Has 9 Sexual Partners in Lifetime, Women Have 4” accompanied by the above photo from Getty Images. Next to the link she sent, Alyssa wrote: “Random Side Note:  Why do they always use photos of feet sticking out of a bed for these sex stories?  Who has sex with cold feet like that?  Doesn’t it make anyone else feel comfortable staring at these random people’s feet?  Seriously!” It’s a legitimate (and funny) question.

The photo cliche of a couple’s bare feet sticking out from under the covers is to sex news stories as the line “I didn’t come here to make friends” is to reality TV shows. They’re both inescapable, because they both do their job — which is to immediately convey a message and a mood succinctly. With the television script, that message is: I’ll be an interesting and compelling character on this show because my bloodthirsty desire to win will allow me to lie, cheat and talk shit about anyone and everyone without remorse – stay tuned!” With the feet photos, that message is…

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