Why Is Sex Fun?

The Discovery Channel is in the middle of airing a series called Curiosity. Current and upcoming episodes include “What Sank the Titanic” and “Is There a Parallel Universe?” Not sure how we missed the last one, “Why Is Sex Fun?” hosted by Maggie Gyllenhaal. We couldn’t find any upcoming airings listed in our Tivo, but you can find plenty of clips online, both on theDiscovery Channel website and on YouTube. The show takes a scientific look at the salacious, with a great bit on how the clitoris is not just a little external nubbin, but a great network of ennervated tissue that runs deep throughout the genitals (something you don’t see that often on mainstream TV or in scientific discussions for that matter). You’ll also see an orgasm in the brain, intercourse on an ultrasound and the first vibrators ever made on display at New York’s Museum of Sex. (We’re guessing this last bit is why Gyllenhaal hosted: her new movie out this fall, HYSTERIA, is a period rom-com about the invention of the vibrator in Victorian times. That’s what marketing nerds call synergy. Check out the new trailer here.)

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