Why Your Sex Life Wants You to Vote for Hillz on Tue!

Last week, we sent out “The Em & Lo Down” newsletter (which you should totally sign up for!) with the following:


  • Supreme Court Justices that won’t overturn Roe v. Wade
  • Support of Planned Parenthood
  • Improvements to Obamacare, which covers birth control, testing for HPV, screenings for HIV & counseling for STIs<
  • Won’t overturn marriage equality
  • Equal pay for women
  • Supports transgender rights
  • Won’t grab anyone by the pussy!

We should have added the point “And can actually win & defeat the sexist, racist, anti-choice, anti-gay-rights Republican candidate who will roll back our rights and who has gotten frighteningly close to having his finger on the button, a button he has no historical understanding of nor any comprehension of why we should never use it!”

We concluded with this “cocktail party quote”:

“Choosing pussy over a huge dick, just this once.”
— Gays for Hillary T-shirt. To order, email [email protected]

and the line:

Grab ’em by the ballot! Vote for HRC this Tuesday, November 8th…or we’re all going to die.

Most feedback we received was positive. Though we did receive this response:

Seriously, now you are using your sex blog to promote your own political values! I thought you all were better than this. You took a great informational blog and turned it to political ads! How much is Hillary Clinton paying you?

Very sad!!!!

Best regards,


You’ve got to give it to Tom for being a good Trumpet and embracing the Don’s ultimate put down: the accusation of being sad followed by multiple exclamation points. There’s something almost poetic about it.

We always appreciate heartfelt reader feedback and try to respond personally to concerns or critiques (at least to the ones that don’t call us “whores”), so we wrote Tom back:

Hi Tom,

We’re sorry you feel that way. For us, the sexual is political – policy affects access to birth control, reproductive rights, gay rights, comprehensive sex education, funding of Planned Parenthood, paid family leave, etc. As sex positive writers and educators, these issues are all very important to us and we’ve always worked hard to support and defend them in our writing and on our blog. So no, nobody is paying us — we just know that in order to protect progress on these sexual issues there’s only one choice in this presidential election. 

Em & Lo

We probably didn’t convince Tom. But maybe we can convince you not to vote third party when so much is at stake? So please, find your polling place and VOTE on Tuesday, November 8thh for the only candidate who can win who truly cares about your junk. Try to convince your apathetic friends and family to pull the lever for Hillary — all our reproductive rights and sexual freedoms hang in the balance! You can even do some last minute phone banking with your smartphone and laptop. It’s way too frighteningly close not to. Your genitals will thank you.