Wise Guys: What Do Men Think About Sexting?

Advice from three of EMandLO.com’s guy friends. This week they answer the following: “How do adult men feel about sexting? Juvenile phenomenon? Sexy way to break up a few hours apart? Words but no pics?” To ask the guys your own question, click here.

Gay Married Guy (Jon Ross): Sexting is pretty much the best use of smart phones that ever existed and I think Graham Bell would be mighty proud indeed to see the lengths to which mankind has taken his invention. Few things beat the rush of excitement when you get a naughty mid-day ping — be it pictures or words, it matters not. Sext away fair maiden! We can’t get enough of it.

Straight Single Guy (Adam): As long as sexting maintains its taboo, it’s going to be fun. That definitely won’t change. Unfortunately, however, “fun” doesn’t always equate to “wise” or even “worth the risk.” Whether it’s worth the risk to send a few naughty lines or (yikes!) a picture of your man-parts to someone is a personal decision; one that should be made after careful deliberation… or, at the very least, one that shouldn’t be made immediately after ingesting mass quantities of fermented hops. (Anyone around here got a camera?)

anonymous_suitStraight Married Guy (Matt): Sexting could be a juvenile phenomenon, or maybe just something I’ve never come across personally. Being married with married friends, guys in my social circles don’t tend to share their latest sexual updates like single guys do. Telling your single buddies in a bar about your hook-up is one thing, but standing around a barbecue talking about the hot message your wife texted you yesterday would be more than a little awkward. So maybe my married friends do sext their partners; I have no idea. It’s just something that’s never occurred to me (or to my wife, apparently). Now that you’ve mentioned it, I could send her one now, but I think she’d probably find it more hilarious than hot.

Our “guys” are a rotating group of contributors. This week’s Gay Married Guy is Jon Ross, who works for a network news program and lives in Brooklyn with his husband and two dogs; our Straight Single Guy is Adam, a lawyer and native Floridian in his early thirties; and our Straight Married Guy is feeling a little shy. To ask the guys your own question, click here.