You’re More Attractive (to Twitter Users) If…

photo via flickr

Sometimes the hash tags that trend on Twitter can make you hate humankind (#fatfilms this week, really, people? Are we back in junior high? What’s next, awards for “Most Outgoing” Twitter feed?!)… and sometimes they just make you want to reach out and hug someone. And sometimes they do both, as with this week’s other trend: #YoureMoreAttractiveIf. The two most common attributes listed? Having a sense of humor and smelling good — which we guess are two qualities people particularly enjoy while taking long walks on the beach. Here are a few more, er, specific qualities that the people of Twitterland find attractive…



1. Professor Snape ‏@_Snape_
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf you know the difference between your and you’re.


2. The Office ‏@theofficenbc
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf you like beets, bears, and Battlestar Galactica.


3. lexxie goff ‏@lexxiequinn
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf you can pull off a beanie


4. Occupy Wall Street ‏@OccupyWallSt
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf you realize that the sequester is an exercise to distract us from the pain of life under a world run by big business.


5. madelynn ☀ ‏@xoxox_madelynn
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf you let me roll the blunt sometimes, and not be full of yourself, mine are just as good if not better


6. Jordan Kranda ‏@JordanKranda
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf you’re a Christian, book nerd, mature, aren’t a flirt, lover Taco Bell, and have ambitious goals.#TotalPackage


7. Brunette Barbie™ ‏@_BrunetteBarbz
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf you don’t ask me for nudes


8. J SUN ‏@JasonDonohoe93
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf you prefer staying in on the weekends and eating loads of junk food in bed with a DVD and cuddles


9. Planned Parenthood ‏@PPFAQ
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf You respect me, my body, and my choices.


10. James Urbaniak ‏@JamesUrbaniak
Misread the trending hashtag #YoureMoreAttractiveIf as#YourMoreAttractiveElf. Make that a thing.




Tom Tebow ‏@IamEvilTebow
#YoureMoreAttractiveIf … You blow me while I watch sports #Romance