Confession: I Lab-Tested Some Lubes

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Our contributor Lisa has a confession to make:

It’s not every day you get to take a new line of lube for a test drive — that’s one of the perks of contributing to EMandLO.com. I had sworn off the stuff for a while after a bad experience with the mint-flavored variety and some anal play (let that be a lesson to you!). But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this site, it’s to keep an open — and educated — mind when it comes to sex and its accessories. For example, I’ve learned that some super-sensitive vaginas don’t take kindly to lubes containing glycerin (i.e. most flavored lubes), but I knew that wouldn’t be a problem for me, so I accepted my latest mission: to test out five varieties of the Durex Play line (with names that could have been stolen from Hubba Bubba).

Very Cherry: In general, the idea of flavored lube doesn’t thrill me, and this lube confirmed my distaste for the stuff: The texture was fine — smooth, not too thick or sticky — but the flavor was absolutely nauseating. As a child, I had a chronic sore throat for years and the smell alone instantly brought back memories of gagging on cough syrup. Suddenly, my boyfriend’s penis was a bottle of Dimetapp. So not sexy. Also, it contains glycerin, so sensitive vaginas, beware.

Pina Colada: Same texture as the Very Cherry, but an altogether different experience in terms of taste. I assumed that if Durex couldn’t get cherry right, pina colada would be impossible, but I was pleasantly surprised by the tropical coconut flavor. I would highly recommend this flavored lube for a hot summer night, especially vacation sex. The scent ups the exotic factor, so save it for a treat, not everyday use. Like Very Cherry, contains glycerin.

Play Warmer: The bottle instructed me to apply this lube and then blow on it to heat things up. I tried it on my hand first and didn’t feel a thing. Even during oral, the heat was barely noticeable. My boyfriend said it tingled when I actually breathed on his penis, but there was no mind-blowing improvement in terms of warmth. As far as actual intercourse goes, there was slight warmth, but it was barely distinguishable from the natural heat produced by the friction of the sex itself. The lube gets the job done in terms of texture, and the mild sensation it does provide is nice, but if you’re looking to really heat things up, you’ll have to find something a little more extreme. Contains glycerin.

Play Tingling: This glycerin-free (yay!) lube does exactly what its name suggests when rubbed on the back of your hand or used with oral stimulation. But for actual intercourse, the sensation gets lost in the friction. I recommend it for upping the ante during a blowjob, however: The slight tingling provides a similar effect to blowing cold air on a wet penis, which my boyfriend loved — he said it sent shivers down his spine — though your mileage may vary. (Just the phrase “cold air on a wet penis” may cause some erections to shrivel.) I also liked it on myself for some solo action — it almost recreates the feeling of your partner’s breath when they are going down on you.

Play More: This is one of the nicest and most effective lubes I have ever tried. No fancy flavors or effects, it’s just an incredibly silky and smooth lube (which is exactly what the bottle claims — yay for truth in advertising!). It takes care of vaginal dryness without being sticky or thick. Its texture is thinner and more soluble than the other lubes — kind of like moisturizer, it becomes part of the skin without being sticky — but the lubrication it provides is lasting. You could practically use it as moisturizer! And I give it two thumbs up for lady self-love — especially as it’s glycerin-free.

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Butts N Butts Fan

This Lisa girl is a freak! Any girl who is willing to try out a bunch of lubes and write about it is poised for success! Best of luck in the writing world!


I recently bought Play More and loved it! In general I usually hate lube but was more than satisfied with how it felt while putting it on, during and after. And it does last long. =)