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@Johnny You seem like an enlightened guy, so I’ll remind you that if your body ever seems out of whack, nutrition should be the first thing you check. A lot of guys get adrenal fatigue (low adrenaline caused by stress, lack of sleep, too much caffeine), so make sure a naturopath or holistic nutritionist is on your health care list. Too much stress and caffeine could definitely lead to occasional bouts of Al Bundy syndrome! Also, yeah, it might sound bad, but if your GF or BF changes drastically in appearance, it would be a turn-off for most people. They… Read more »

@Madamoiselle L…..remember, most couples start off at 2-3 x a week, pre-kids, and drop off from there! I knew someone who, in all seriousness (and bitchiness) told her husband the rule was “no sex for 6 months after the baby,” and she went on to say that after that period they had sex “once a month whether he needed it or not, ha ha.” So you wonder why men get all freaked out about the post-baby sex drought…I think you guys only experienced a day or two without rain, so to speak!


it is important for married couples to be aware of thier sexual appetite towards each other. if the attraction and desire starts to deminish, be creative and innovative in ways of doing it. You might be surprised to find exciting moves that will excite your partner and yourself.

Madamoiselle L

I mean “initiate it” not “innate it”

Damn Spell Check.

Madamoiselle L
Johnny, I think it was a good thing you and this woman found out it wouldn’t work out before you got married. Again, the “Test Drive” thing comes into play. Like SS said, yes, when you have small children, sex is not the first priority, at least for most mothers. But, the way My Man and I looked at it (after I explained it to him LOL!) was, “The babies NEED Mama, Mama only has so much energy. Papa may *want* Mama, too, but he’s an adult and can wait until Mama regains some of her autonomy and her energy.… Read more »
hello freedom, you are so right I’ve been their and done that, and now he want’s it back LOL with HA HA HA. what goes around comes around,in a ten fold, what did they think that this is ok? you know that the cheater knew he would loose everything. but didn’t care while he was cheating,and good point you didn’t do this and it’s not your fault!!!!! he wants to come back so how bad was the marriage in the first place? did he want the divorce or did you file? It sounds like my storie he cheated and I… Read more »


It was a few things. Yes, my feelings for her began to chage, but for me that just creates a chicken-egg dilemma. Did my feelings change because my sexual interest waned, or vice versa?

Also, that “dramatic weight gain” thing I mentioned before kinda happened. That didn’t help. In fact it was a major blow.

The pervasive paranoia among bachelors is that once you marry a woman she’ll just quit having sex with you. And that certainly does happen. But I’m starting to realize that the Al Bundy problem of male sexual disinterest is equally pervasive. Never thought that would be me.