Size Matters…When It Comes to a Man’s Index Finger

It seems like every few years scientists come up with some new way to get us all talking about penis size again — and to freak out men, convincing them that women will be able to guess at their penis size just by looking at their hands. The latest research comes out of Korea, where urologists claim to have found a connection between the ratio of the length of a man’s index finger to that of his ring finger, and the length of… you guessed it, his penis. The lower the ratio between the two fingers, the longer the penis, goes their theory. (But only on the right hand — apparently the left hand varies too much to be a reliable indicator.)

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Wow, to almost kill oneself over penis size. Sad… Don’t feel bad for someone that superficial.


I had a friend in high school almost kill himself over the size of his penis. You’re right Michelle, it DOES matter.


Sorry tony. It DOES matter. Once again, I am truly, truly sorry.

As for this ‘scientific’ study? I can tell you first “hand” (pun intended), its dead wrong. 😛



Penis size doesn’t matter!
Size of bank account DOES matter!

OK, you already knew that; didn’t you?