How Can I Have a MMF Threeway?

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week a straight woman asks, “How can I can convince two hetero dudes to have a threeway with me?”

Straight Single Guy (Max): Barring the possibility that you could trick these “hetero” dudes into your lair (using beer, snacks or Ahnold movies) I’d say that your best bet is to try and wiggle your way into the arms of two friends or, even better, the bromance. Face it: a lot of guys go by the super homophobic rule of “as long as the balls don’t touch,” so you’re much better off finding two guys that are as comfortable with one another’s body as they are with their joint egos. After that, your best policy is honesty. You can’t be coy about getting two guys at the same time, so I’d say be up front: “If you boys want me, you’re going to have to share. I’ll be in that room. Come find me?” Oh, and please end any threeway with a lot of high fives. They’re free, and you deserve it.

Straight Married Guy (Ben): What you really need to do is figure out if the MMF threeway is a “Yes,” a “No,” or a “Maybe” for these guys. Yes? No problem — go for it. No? it’s never going to happen – stop wasting your time. Maybe? Well, then it’s negotiable. And, while it’s easiest just to come out and ask, you can also test the waters by sharing “a sexy dream you had,” or confessing a fantasy after a few drinks. If you want to get fancy, use a Yes, No, Maybe list and cover a ton of ground all at once. And when you get your answer, you’ll know how to proceed. The “Maybes” are the ones that need convincing and what that really means is setting some ground rules. Maybe it’s no guy/guy touching. Maybe it’s lots of touching but no kissing. Maybe it’s only one cock visible at a time. Whatever. If it’s a “Maybe” for your guy, the question becomes, “What do you need to make this threesome happen?” And that is a question that can be answered.

Gay Committed Guy (Mark):

1. Get them drunk.
2. If that doesn’t work, you’re on your own. And when you find out, let me know.
3. “Dudes”?

Our “wise guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week’s Straight Married Guy is Ben, a writer and artist living in Los Angeles who runs AdultParlorGames.com. Our Committed Gay Guy, Mark, is a writer and teacher in NYC and our Single Straight Guy, Max, is a recent college grad in New England — both asked us to file them under “shy.” To ask the guys your own question, click here.

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PS @Tommy, if your wife isnt into the same stuff sexually as you are you should be a man and break up with her so she can be happy with someone else instead of cheating on her and being a liar, cheat and undeserving of the vows she bestowed upon you. Be a real man and tell her what you want, dont be a loser n just cheat, your destroying the trust of someone that loves you for selfish reasons, so get it over with be a man and out with the truth because nobody deserves that shit man, I… Read more »
I just had a threeway with two guys and it was freaking amazing 😉 What you really need is two bisexual guys, that way they arent all scared of touching eachother and you can have a lot of fun all together hehe. I am in an open relationship and we brought over an old bf of mine that was also friends with my bf and we all discussed it before hand for a while too, so nothing was left to suprise execpt for how awesome it was! 😀 My tips: Bisexual guys. People you know and trust. discuss barriers before… Read more »

Interesting to hear all the perspectives here. I’m about to embark on my first MMF on Thursday, with two total strangers. I’m just a horny married guy who would love my wife to be into it, but as this will never be, am willing to stray in order to fulfill a desire. Do I give 1/2 shit if our balls touch? Fuck no, you’re missing the point here. Its all about getting off and pleasing the girl!

why does everyone comment on other peoples natural likes and dislikes? Johnny Said he doesn’t want to slap balls with another dude, and if his brain doesn’t want it why would he do it? It doesn’t make him boring! I don’t want cigarettes, so why would i smoke? personally i’ll try anything once. My long term Girlfriend have MMF 3somes because i’m cool with that, but we have never had MFF 3some because she doesn’t like girls. That’s her choice, if i’m not happy with it i can move on, or i can stay. that’s MY choice. Don’t listen to… Read more »
Larry K
Here’s the thing, I have no gay desire but honestly thinking about getting a bj from the woman, licking her clit while another guy is fucking her just sends my flagpole right up! More could happen if we were all into it. I would love to “tag team” her in a very sexy way. She gets one of us til he or she comes. Then the other guy gets in place and picks right up or waits for her engine to rev again. But regarding touching the other guy, I don’t think it’s taboo as long as a woman is… Read more »
Forget the philosophical ball touching mumbo jumbo, I just pulled this off with two guy friends of mine and it was so fucking hot. It was totally spontaneous: we were drinking and talking about our fantasies, one of them mentioned that they had run a train together on a girl before and that’s how the conversation started. They actually walked me home, both kissed me on the cheek before I went in the house, then I went inside and put my jammies on to get ready for bed. One of them text’d me and asked me to come outside to… Read more »

I was interested to note that Googling DP didn’t answer the question; maybe it’s really true that there are more cat pictures than porn on the Internet.

On the other hand, Googling DP+sex wil tell you more than you want to know. I’m carefully avoiding Googling DP+cat. That might also tell me more than I want to know.