10 Novel Ways to Ignite Your Relationship (from Readers!)

We asked readers to give us their single best tip for lighting up their love life, and we got a lot of inspiring answers. So many in fact, that we’re not just going to publish the 5 big winners of the 5  Wildfire Pleasure Oil Prize Packages, we’re going to publish the top 7 runners up as well! (The first three below are top winners, followed by the runners up; stay tuned tomorrow for the final two big winners.)

wildfire-essentialoil-tantalize-150Thanks to everyone who participated in our Wildfire Contest. And now, without further ado, we give you 10 great reader suggestions for keeping things interesting in any romantic relationship:

1. Get Serious About Casual Touching

My best tip for spicing up my love life is to be in almost constant physical contact with my fiancé. Nothing too intense, just having our thighs grazing each other as we watch sports on TV, or his hand on my thigh when he’s driving, or holding hands when we are walking. To me, it keeps the romance alive and brings us closer.” — J.

2. Make Masturbation a Group Sport

Actively participate in each others’ self-pleasure. It’s easy to lapse into busy routines of “taking care of yourself” and not paying attention to your partner – that’s okay, but it doesn’t have to disconnect you. You can use it to reconnect after a stressful day or week. Had a good fantasy? Share it. Found a toy you really like? Tell your partner, and let them use it on you. Masturbation is an important part of self-care; don’t feel bad about it. Share it!” — Anonymous

3. Spill the Beans

Vulnerability. Some of the best sex I have ever had was after some moment of vulnerability. One time it is was me telling my new partner that it has been 2 years since I last had sex and because of that I was nervous and awkward and worried I would embarrass myself. Another time it was revealing a sexual fantasy with fear of rejection and receiving only warmth and excitement from my partner. Putting yourself out there and being accepted is a powerful and exciting thing. It is not arousing like lingerie or sexy role play, but it is a powerful force none the less. And it reminds me to be open and accepting of my partners as well, as it works both ways. It serves to build trust and trust is a solid foundation to build some sexy fun times on.” — Derek

4. Toys Are for Boys, Too

“Men can use vibrators too! The sensation on their testicles or shaft can be extremely pleasurable. Introduce your man to this world of pleasure.” — Miranda

5. Porn Is for Girls, Too

“Watch woman-directed porn together or alone. I love Erika Lust!  And her TED talk about it being time for porn to change to show authentic female desire and pleasure.” — Liz

6. Give to Get

“What can ‘I’ do for ‘you’.  The selflessness of the offer is a surefire road to happiness (and reciprocation).” — bklynbug

7. Swap Roles

“Switch it up – it’s always fun (if you’re a woman) to play the dominant role and pull out that strap-on. If he’s game, the possibilities are endless.” — Molly

8. Heat Things Up with Hot Sauce

“Having your partner erotically lick Wasabi sauce off your fingers. The spice and licking will make you both horny. Eventually the person licking the wasabi will start crying from the spice, but that’s okay, the tears will create a sense of vulnerability and lead to intimacy. Pro-tip: Wash your hands and tongues throughly before moving on to any other erotic activities! Trust me: Wasabi can burn!” — Caroline

9. Add Fiber to Your Diet

“I read this tip from Em & Lo years ago, tried it, and have never turned back: a daily dose of fiber. Stir some in your OJ and your bathroom experience will be transformed, which means your naked time will be improved, no joke. Thx Em & Lo!” — JP

10. Send a Surprise Gift Ahead of Time

“My boyfriend and I spent over a year in a long-distant-relationship, with visits every two or three weeks. One thing I loved to do is order a box of new toys, lube, massage candles, fancy underwear, etc, and have it delivered to his house a day or so before my visits. That way, his imagination got going even before I got there, and we had a great time trying out the stuff I ordered for us…” — Jen

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