8 Ways to Spice Up Date Night!

Getting some quality time with your partner, let alone making time for sex, is not always easy. So, when you do get some precious hours to yourselves, you want to make the most of it, right? It’s easy to fall into a dinner-&-a-movie rut. So use these tips to take a ho-hum date night to a love fest of epic proportions. They don’t even have to cost a lot of money, or any money at all, if you use a little creativity. Sexy, romantic, sweet, and tender — date night can be all that, and more:

Honorable mention: movie night

Ever thought of having a private cinema screening at a place of your choosing for the special day? There are several companies that could make this possible for you and your special someone, and that too at an affordable cost. Pick out a nice movie that the two of you can watch together while making much of the romantic moments that come with the setting.

1. Just dance.

Roll up the carpet, shove the furniture out of the way and crank the tunes. Dim the lights, and start the dance club. Dance for each other, and with each other. Feel the heat rise, and enjoy touching one another for that “dirty dancing” feel, then get “footloose.”

2. Allow yourself to be pampered.

Taking the time to pamper each other is the definition of steamy. Run a nice long bath and sensually wash your mate from head to toe, and in between. OR, allow yourself to be pampered in the same way. Better yet, join your mate in the suds. If you’re going to do something like this, you could think of investing in some very nice bath and body lotions that smell amazing. If it’s your first date (or not), you might want to consider using something like Kopari Coconut Deodorant to entice your date closer to you. You might also consider lighting an infused candle to enhance your date night. If you’re not sure where to start looking for items with a pleasant scent, try e-stores like True Pheromones. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across something that you absolutely needed, but couldn’t find it yet.

3. Indulge your chocolate habit.

Engage all of the senses in date night. Feed each other some very decadent chocolate. Over-the-top indulgence can start with your sense of taste. It will make you both want to taste more.

4. Pass notes and gifts.

Getting a love note with a special gift (like a custom name necklace) before the scheduled date can make the night more exciting and sweet for her. You can take her to a performance or movie theatre or restaurant and pass notes to one another….on old-fashioned paper with a pencil/pen. Share what you’d like to be doing when you get home (or even just to the car). You won’t be able to get out of there fast enough.

5. Picnic indoors.

Pick an unusual room, not the bedroom, and create a love nest. Have a romantic picnic there with lots of pillows, a blanket, wine and assorted toys. Picnics aren’t just for the outdoors.

6. Skinny dip.

If you are lucky enough to have access to a pool or jacuzzi, or you live near a body of water, taking a dip, ideally in your birthday suits, by moonlight is super sexy, and the mood is already guaranteed by nature. There’s a reason they call it “moon struck.”

7. Learn a new technique.

There’s a reason that Fifty Shades of Grey was so popular. It offered new ideas and perspectives on sex, sensual touch, and couples massage (not to mention the lovely toys). Learning a new way to kiss each other, or touch each other is very, very sexy. Look a few new ideas up on the interwebs and try them out together.

8. Make your own spa night.

One of the hottest date night ideas is to give each other full body massages. Use oils and body butters that are edible, or use those that increase the sensitivity of the skin to touch. Not only will your body feel incredible, but it will definitely lead to some very erotic touching.

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