10 Reasons Why We Love Samantha Bee

  1. She posed in a bee costume for the cover of her new memoir, i know i am, but what are you? And still manages to look kinda hot in it.
  2. She’s a fan of pubic hair. “Our body looks weird without it,” she told The Frisky. “Vaginas don’t look that nice to me without it. Like, little girls have cute vaginas. But lady vaginas, you need a little hair. It makes it look better. I just resent being told I’m supposed to do something with my pubic hair. Fuck off! It’s my thing. If you don’t like it, let’s move on. I don’t like you.”
  3. She’s 40 and sexy in a totally non-cougarific kind of way. (If we find out that she owns any animal-print clothing, we might cry.)
  4. She’s currently heavily pregnant on TV for the third time and her career is taking off more than ever.
  5. She once worked in an erectile dysfunction clinic.

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  1. So totally agreed, and thank you for some of these factoids I didn’t know!

    Don’t forget some of the previous “Senior Female Correspondents” on The Daily Show, like Beth Littleford and Nancy Walls, though Sam Bee is my fave, based solely on that 2008 GOP Convention piece she did.

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