20 Reasons Why We Cheat

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The website CheatConfession is exactly what it sounds like — and, as you might expect from an online confessional, some of the anonymous posts are true and heartbreaking, and some are clearly fake (and therefore either hilarious or terrifying). People post if they’ve cheated, have been cheated on, or are just considering cheating. Each cheater who posts is encouraged to fill out a “Reason” box along with their story; for some reason, when they are forced to be so succinct, the truth seems to reign. Here are twenty recent Reasons — it’s a pretty enlightening (or, perhaps, depressing) snap-shot of why people cheat…

  1. i was very drunk and you was 1000 miles away from me.
  2. She was a hot lesbian
  3. Just because
  4. I’m tired of waiting for husband to STOP being a drunk pothead, I wanted to get caught & have him leave me
  5. Sex
  6. closeness
  7. Eh, I was going to break up with him soon anyway.
  8. Four times per year just isn’t enough!
  9. My boyrfriend was not satisfying my needs intellectually and spiritually. I would have NEVER cheated on him had I not found someone who I believed (at the time) matched me in such matters.
  10. Because I am unhappy…..no regrets.

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  1. i think sex is not really matters for me especially when i think i need to enjoy being single in my 20’s and have a vision of getting married in my late 20’s. how hard to have a family right now especially when your not ready, kids suffers 🙁
    but having gf is only my second option. the one which have same vision like me 😀

  2. It’s just human nature at its most disgusting form. I dont care so much about a relationship like boyfriend and girlfriend because that may change but when you get married you take an oath of companionship until divorced or death. Y THEN TO F****** CHEAT ON YOUR WIFE. IF U WANT SEX AND LUST DIVORCE HER AND THATS IT …period

  3. Here’s an idea: when you feel the urge to cheat it’s clearly time to break off your relationship, so end it. And then, hook up. (Putting yourself in the shoes of the one being cheated on helps, too.)

  4. i just don’t feel that these reasons are valid excuses to cheat. i think someone cheats because he/she is too insecure and what’s to feel more comfortable in a relationship by finding someone that they feel they’re more superior with.

  5. While I like the idea of this site (in fact, having never cheated myself, and having never been cheated on… to my knowledge, I find it a fascinating read), I’m still a bit sceptical about a website that has two reactions to click for the people who are “thinking about cheating”: Cheat and Don’t cheat. It’s just not logical to even out a spouse’s cheating by cheating on them yourself 😉

    (Yes, I know that in this day and age on the internet, people need two things to click, Like and Don’t Like, Thumbs up and Thumbs down, but I would really like it better if they were more like Talk to him/her soon and Talk to him/her now.)

  6. I have heard a few of these reasons from friends who have been cheated on or cheated on their significant others. The drunk reason usually comes up a lot.

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