2016: The Year in Bad Sex

This year sucked — and not in a good, consensual, non-transactional, mutually satisfying way. Here are the top 10 worst sex- and gender-related events, trends, crimes and tragedies of 2016. Good riddance!

1. Trump Admits to Sexual Assault on Tape, Still Gets Elected:


2. The New Jared: Glee Star Indicted on Child Porn Charges:


3. Anthony Weiner Can’t Keep It in His Pants, Helps Trump Win the Election:


4. Yet Another Christian TLC Star Is Unsurprisingly Charged with Child Rape:



5. Brock Turner, Convicted of Sexual Assault, Gets Only 6 Months, Serves Only 3 for Good Behavior:


6. 20 Women Accuse FOX Exec Roger Ailes of Sexual Harassment, He Gets Position in Trump Campaign Without Having to Pitch in a Penny for the $20 Million Settlement:


7. Sexism Is Alive & Well, As Lame Attacks Against Hillary Clinton & Her Campaign for the Presidency Prove All Too Clearly:


8. Still Not Convinced? Sexist-Troll Outrage Over the All-Women Reboot of “Ghostbusters” Was a Real Thing:


9. Gender-Bending Pop Icons Like Prince, Bowie & George Michael Die:


10. Icing on the Coming-Apocolypse Cake: London & Geneva Get Blowjob Cafes:


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