5 Easy Steps for Making Father’s Day Amazing
Denis and Emma Merkas are the founding couple of Melt: Massage for Couples. As a massage therapist, Denis has taught more than 15,000 couples over the past 15 years the art of a great back rub:


Don’t think just because your partner is a man he doesn’t want to feel special. We’re all human, we all have the same basic desires: To be…

  • Loved
  • Thought of
  • Appreciated
  • Taken care of
  • Relaxed
  • Pampered
  • Touched

Like with Mother’s Day, we’ve got a simple idea for Father’s Day that combines all these elements with a little mystery and surprise (requisites of any great gift).  You’ll keep him guessing all day long, with a big pay-off at the end. By playing this little game of hide & seek that eventually leads to…wait for it…a simple yet epic back rub, you’ll make his Father’s Day the BEST EVER!

Step 1: Print the Printables

Download these free FREE and instant mini-mystery cards:


Print. In color if you can for extra pop! If you do not have a printer, put the file onto a USB stick and print off at office depot – it’ll be cheap to do this.

Laminate. For a professional look, we highly recommend you have the entire page laminated – Office Depoto a similar office supply store should be able to do this for you for cheap. It only takes a few minutes and adds a major WOW factor!

Cut into 8 pieces. Cut it roughly – we’ve designed our printables so you do not need to be neat and it will still look good.


Step 2: Hide the Printables

This is where the real fun starts. Enlist the help of the kids and hide your cute printables around the house for him to find on Father’s Day… think of what he’ll be doing that day:

  • Bathroom
  • Fridge
  • Car
  • On his phone
  • On his breakfast plate – or as a coaster on his coffee cup

The kids will be giggling away as you place these around the house. It only takes a few minutes to stick them in some creative places. If he misses them, you can always move them around in a more obvious location throughout the day.

Step 3: Wait and Grin

Watch as he begins to find the printables… play along, but do not tell (coach the kids on this!). Let the anticipation build. Allow the mystery do its work. The anticipation alone will win you Father’s Day! Curiosity and surprise make for the most fun experiences. We guarantee you’ve already started to make his day super special by now.


Step 4 : Break Out the Bottle

After the kids are asleep, have him find the final surprise: a bottle of massage oil (tied in a bow is a nice touch).

If you don’t have massage oil at home already, here are a couple of places you can buy it, usually for under $15:

  • Amazon.com – have it delivered
  • Wholefoods – go pick it up
  • Some pharmacies – call first
  • Your local health food store

Cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil is amazing (if nobody is allergic to nuts). Alternatively, we like Cold Pressed Apricot Oil. Both are cheap, clean, and healthy and nourishing for the skin, 100% natural and the perfect consistency for back rubs!

Step 5: Start Massaging

All the hype, all the anticipation leads to the amazing part: the most relaxing back rub – the perfect way to unwind and share some quality time together.

A few quick tips: Go slowly, don’t use your thumbs (at least not at first), ask for feedback as you go along, and most importantly, don’t expect a massage in return. This is his day.

That’s it – super simple, yet so special.


Between now through the end of Father’s Day, you’ll receive our Foot Rub Instructional Videos (worth $24) for FREE when you purchase unlimited lifetime access to our Back Rub Instructional Series ($99) or our Full Body Instructional Series ($171) from MELT: Massage for Couples. There’s now a 60-day money back guarantee because we want you to make sure that you both love the idea of giving back rubs. Enjoy!



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